Like many new writers, I thought writing a book would be easy. I crafted corporate communications all the time, so it seemed like a matter of discipline to get my first manuscript from my head to the shelves of my local books store. So yeah, I was a bit ambitious. Cocky? Delusional?

By the time I hit 20K words, I knew I needed help. The good news is, the Twitter writing community is one of the most supportive places on the World Wide Web. Not only did they connect me with my first CP, but they also introduced me to some wonderful mentorship programs like #authormentormatch.

This program is a safe space where published authors impart all of their publishing wisdom on us newbies, and participation is completely free. Yes, successful authors pledge their time, out of the goodness of their hearts or possibly paying it forward from a time where they were still learning the crazy, unpredictable world that is publishing.

Luckily for me, the 2020 program includes an adult category this year and a small but mighty crew of Romance writers that can help me shape and polish my story. Although my pacing and plotting have improved since I first started writing fiction, I know I need some guidance in making my POVs sound different. I now understand how a character arc works but I wonder if mine is too obvious in my current WIP. Then there are the sex scenes. There are two in my WIP. I’ve managed to refrain from using phrases like “throbbing member” but could really benefit from having someone work through them with me. So I’m taking the leap and throwing my hat into the ring this year—keeping my fingers crossed that a mentor likes my story enough to want to work with me on it.

The submission dates are less than a month away. I’m putting the final tweaks on my query and taking a break from my MS so that I can give it one final read before I submit. I’ll post it below if you’re curious. And if you have feedback, I’d love to hear it. As always, you can follow my writing journey on Twitter or Instagram. If you’re also participating, let me know, and we can cheer each other on!

All the best,

THE PROPHETESS OF THE BIG WHITE DRESS is a romcom, complete at 78,000 words. It will appeal to readers that like the lighthearted tone and heat of Meg Cabot’s NO JUDGEMENTS and Jen DeLuca’s WELL MET.

Britta Bell is eerily accurate at predicting the likelihood of a happily ever after. Her Granny B swears she’s cursed—no blessed, with the family trait that allows you to see soulmates in your dreams. But Granny’s known to skip her blood pressure meds and Britta’s certain her superpowers come from her statistics degree and too much time in-between sets at her summer gig playing bagpipes in a wedding band.

Mac Smith spent the last four years proving he’s more than the bar keeper’s boy. Backwoods Brewery is the hottest spot in Halifax and Mac’s signature IPA’s are earning him a reputation throughout Nova Scotia and Eastern Canada. He thought the Britta Bell-shaped hole in his heart had healed until she walked back into his bar and his life.

When Britta starts having odd dreams, including one about herself and the boy who broke her heart, she debates calling her doctor. But when her predictions start coming true, she wonders if maybe the family trait hasn’t skipped a generation.

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