If you Like… You’ll Love: December 2019 Romance Edition

I love to read. If you’re reading this post, you are either one of my supportive relatives, or you’re silently rolling your eyes, saying, “Yeah, who doesn’t.”

When I get to the end of a really great book, I immediately get online and try to find something similar. Something that will give me that same feeling or take me to a world almost exactly like the one I was just reluctantly thrust from, so I love it when someone recommends a new book based on one that I couldn’t put down.

I’ve thrown together a list of novels with wonderful romantic stories at their core and provided a list of novels to read next. Take a look. Try a couple out and let me know in the comments if you liked my recommendations. Or better yet, now that you have an idea of my tastes tell me what to read next.



If you loved the angsty, all-encompassing,  hate-to-I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off-and-love-you-forever, of Sally Thorne’s THE HATING GAME, then you will love the I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off-and-love-you- but-can’t, of Abby Jimenez’s THE FRIEND ZONE

If you loved the quirky characters and British humor of Helen Fielding’s BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY, then try Beth O’Leary’s THE FLATSHARE. This novel also reminds me of a British JOAH&HAZEL’S GUIDE TO NOT DATING by my all-time favorite authors Christina Lauren.

It took me a while to get over Jojo Moyes ME BEFORE YOU. But once I wiped away my tears, I found Julia Whelan’s, MY OXFORD YEAR, and I may just love that book even more.

The last one isn’t a book to book comparison. But if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to date the Biebs, then you have to read Erin Watt’s WHEN IT’S REAL. It’s made me think long and hard about Hollywood relationships. We’re Selena and Justin ever really real? This book will make you question everything.

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